A simple yet powerful program for quick generation of many static HTML pages from an existing template and a table. Each row in the table will become a file, and each column is a variable to be evaluated.

WebGlandula is intended to create and manage a large number of HTML pages that all have the same skeleton, but have minor differences. This is useful for, e.g. a catalogus of a webshop that lacks a well organised database. In WebGlandula, adding a new page is done by adding a row to the table. Modifying all pages at once is done by modifying the skeleton file, which we call the template.

WebGlandula runs on the Java 1.5 platform.

Binaries and sources at the project page.

Global usage

WebGlandula's window is divided into two parts. The left part is the "table" which can be saved to an XML file. The right part of the window is the "viewer". It can show the template as well as the output for the currently selected row.

First, you make the template with any program you like, thereby inserting so called variables, which are surrounded by double hashes (##) as on the screenshot below. When the template is loaded into WebGlandula, the plain template view highlights the variables.

If a variable is highlighted with a white foreground and a blue background (like those on the screenshot below) then the variable is not added yet to the table.

Initially there is only the "filename" variable in the table, which is always the rightmost column and cannot be removed. This variable is special because it tells WebGlandula the names of the files to generate. It can contain slashes to generate a tree of files.

The power of WebGlandula is that you can refer from a variable to the variables on its left side. This is done the same way as in the template, that is, place them between hashes. So because the "filename" variable is always at the right side of the table, you can use all other variables in the filepath.

The plain output view shows the generated file for the currently selected row:

The html view renders the page like a webbrowser:

How to


release 0.2

usable beta status

known bugs:

wanted features

1. ability to put long texts with multiple lines in the cells

2. comma separated table files

3. global variables

4. edit the template internally

5. special variable at the left side, the row number, which can be hidden

author Tom Jansen


WebGlandula uses's XML writer library which is moved to